Strike Back: Special Ops Challenge

In Conjunction with Omelet


Los Angeles based creative agency Omelet was approached by HBO/Cinemax to create buzz and drive tune-in for the season two premiere of “Strike Back,”  a show centered around a secret anti-terrorist military branch. The idea to create an immersive experience that let people step into this world and feel what it’s like to be an elite warrior was born and Omelet called on long time partner, MAG, to bring the idea to life.

Housed in the back of a massive 18-wheeler, we created a realistic Special Forces training mission complete with flickering lights, digital targets and the sounds of war and rolled out to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Atlanta and Chicago. 

The truck, once expanded, created a 53’ x 25’ course featuring three military tactical training rooms. Each room was outfitted by military training simulation experts and designed to give as much realism as possible. In groups of two, participants donned in military gear were challenged to move through the course as quickly as possible while taking out all targets.

While the participants ran the course, their data was recorded in real time and recorded on a Ballistic Report. This report measured data such as the elapsed time per room, number of shots fired, and their accuracy percentage. After completing the course, attendees posed for a photo, surrendered their gear and compared Ballistic Reports with their partner to see who was the better shot. They also received their reports via email, and were encouraged to digitally share them on the spot.  

Outside the truck, participants could explore the Command Center, a 10x10 tent dressed in camo netting and military props that housed six flat-screen televisions. These screens played footage from Season 1, trailers for Season 2, and a live night vision feed of participants currently running the course inside the truck. 

Adjacent to the command center was the green screen experience. Participants were given the option of being placed in one of two key scenes from the show: repelling out of a helicopter or running from an explosion. This gave fans the chance to place themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters.

The "Strike Back: Special Ops Challenge" was the winner of the Ex Award as the "Best Mobile Marketing Program" at the 2013 Event Marketing Summit.